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UpdateAugust 01,2022


People like to play interesting and captivating games to pass their boring time. There are many online and offline fun games available on the internet. One of the most played and famous games from old times is the Snake game of Nokia mobile. With the advancement in mobile technology, many snakes and worms games are developed for PC and mobile devices.


One of these games is Worms Zone APK. It is a well-liked game with great features and useful tools. It offers you different gaming modes with different specifications; you can choose the one you want to play. Many amazing options make your gaming experience more enjoyable and exciting. You can customize many features of the game according to your style.

It has wide and interesting gameplay with no area restrictions. You will surely enjoy playing this fascinating game like no other mobile game. This game is designed for both PC and Android users. Due to its excellent features and unique tools, it has more than millions of satisfied users all over the world. The controls are very easy to handle.

What Is Worms Zone Apk?

The Worm Zone APK is the original version of the game available on the internet. It is a premium application that you can download online and from the play store. This addictive game is developed by Casual Azur Games. It requires an Android OS of 5.1 and up for download. You can use all the basic tools for free but need in-app purchasing for premium options.

The gameplay is very impressive you get an open place filled with food and gold coins. This is a player vs player game therefore all the players with their selected worm play in it. You need to collect both food and coin for score and strength. Once you get the highest score you become the king. You need to kill other snakes for winning. There are different power boosters available in it. You can customize your worm with different options. You can connect this game with either your Facebook account or Instagram account.



 The Worms Zone APK no death is the modified version of the game available on the internet. It is a completely free version that offers you all the features of the standard version for free. It includes the premium items also. You can download this amusing gaming application from our website.

This game offers you all the locked skins and customization options unlocked and free to access. You get an unlimited amount of gold coins which is the in-game currency. You get an option of no death, where you cannot die. There are many more features along with these that make mod apk games more reliable and easy. Although it is a hacked version it is proven to be protected from all bugs and malware by anti-virus software tests. The controls are exactly like the apk game.


There will be different worms playing in the same gameplay therefore to look different the game offers you different skins. Initially, only normal skins are unlocked you need to score more for special and unique skins.


After choosing your skin, you get an option to customize it according to your choice. You can change its colours and faces by changing lips, eyes and canines. You can make it look unique, dangerous, dominating or funny.



The game creates your profile that stores your gaming information. It displays your gaming level, max survival time, total games and kills etc. For a better experience, you can log in with your Facebook account.


You will need to eat as much food as you can for more strength. The food you eat makes you bigger and also decides your score. There will be golden coins also on the gameplay. These are the treasure of the game you need to get for buying different items in the game.


As it is a P vs P game, you need to kill your opponent for winning. You can kill them by trapping them with your body like a snake do to its prey. Just keep in mind you can’t touch opponent worm skin. If you are worm bites any worm or stone it will die.


To score more or increase your size faster you need dead worms. By this, you’ll be able to eat all the food eaten by that dead worm. You must trap and kill other worms to eat them. Or steal and eat a worm killed by another opponent.


There are gaming modes including Infinity, Time, and Treasure Hunter. The infinity allows you to get the biggest size of the worm by an infinite playtime. Time mode gives you 7 minutes to play and double your score and coins. In treasure, you get treasure boxes of gold coins.


You can change the controls, background, food appearance, emoji and other items from the setting. There are different power-ups including 5x, magnet, speed, radar, view and manoeuvrability.



In the mod apk game, you get to play in an ad-free environment. Popup ads destroy the whole fun of gaming but now you can enjoy your play without getting interruption.


A unique feature of the mod apk game is that you can play without the fear of death. It allows you to play and dodge other worms without butting them.


If you play the modified game it offers you an unlimited amount of gold coins without playing a single game at level 1 only. This will make your gaming better.


All the worm’s skins that are initially locked in the apk game are completely unlocked in it along with all customization options. This is another best feature of the mod apk game.


Another beneficial feature of the hacked game is that it provides you with all the premium tools for free. You don’t need to pay premium fees but can access all the items freely.



Worms Zone Apk is a very attractive game, playable for every age of people. It offers you many amazing and beneficial features that make your gaming experience worth praising. With its regular updates, you will not lose interest in it.

You can create your worm the way you want and become a dominating king by scoring the most. Download it and enjoy playing it both online and offline.


How to unlock all the skins while playing level 1 of the game Worms Zone?

If you want to unlock all the skins of the worms at the initial level you need to download the mod apk game. It provides you with all the skins unlocked at the time you download it.

How to get rid of unwanted ads in the Worms Zone gameplay?

If you want an ads-free interface you need to purchase the block ads option with real money in the original game. Or you can play the modified game instead as it offers you no ads option for free.