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UpdateJULY 06, 2022


There is no doubt that everyone has WhatsApp Messenger on their mobile phones and it is one of the apps that are being used all over the world. We are unable to live in the 21st century without WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp messenger is our go-to tool for making contact or sharing anything with our friends. Despite the fact that WhatsApp Messenger is popular, there are certain features or information that we wish to have but cannot have through it. For this purpose, WhatsApp Messenger has many tools. Amazon has developed a Whats tracker APK as one of these tools. Using what’s tracker, you can see who visits your profile. In recovery, you will have all your contacts’ locations, regardless of whether you have GPS. You can use Whats tracker as a very useful tool because it has many unique and useful features. We have written a review about what tracker you should read if you want to know more about it.

How does Whats Tracker APK work?

This tool for WhatsApp Messenger provides you with some additional features such as tracking visitors to your profile and determining when they visited your profile picture. Additionally, WhatsApp Messenger lets you keep track of all your contacts and the people near them, making your experience with the app unique and different.


A modified version of the Whats Tracker APK is available as Whats Tracker APK. In addition to the standard features, premium users have access to additional features. You can also enjoy your entire WhatsApp experience with this version, which is ad-free.

Whats tracker APK

Visitor Profiles

You can use this tool to find out who visits your profile and what information they provide. You can see how many times and at what time people have visited your profile. That way, you’ll be able to track who’s keeping a lookout for you. WhatsApp Tracker allows you to see who has viewed your status irrespective of whether they have applied privacy to their account. Because people apply privacy to their WhatsApp Messenger account, you can’t see who has viewed your status.

You visited the following profiles

It will provide you with a list of people you visit on a daily basis and also provide you with the time you visited their profiles. What’s a tracker is capable of not only tracking the people who visit your profile but also keeping a record of the people whose profiles you visit.

Your contact’s location can be tracked

You can see your contact’s location in real-time with what’s Tracker. Since this is a very sensitive feature, be mindful that it might affect others’ privacy. Therefore, keep this in mind when selecting this feature. When selecting this feature, remember this.

 Directly contact people

It is possible for you to use the Whatsapp tracker without saving the number of the person you wish to contact if you do not want to waste your time saving it. You can use this app if you are the one who sends bulk messages for business purposes as it will save you from having to save the mobile numbers of people on your phone.

Status should be saved

Other people’s status can be saved in Whats Tracker. In WhatsApp Messenger, you cannot save some of your statuses. You have to use programs like Whats Tracker for this purpose.


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Messages you deleted can be recovered

With WhatsApp Messenger’s new feature, users can delete their messages, but Whats Tracker has found a way to solve the issue. It is easy to retrieve deleted messages with word straker. Unlike any other tool, this feature is unique.

No ads + premium features

All features of Whats Tracker are available in Whats Tracker APK. In addition, the Whats Tracker app does not contain any ads, so you will have a great user experience without being interrupted by annoying ads. No ads will interrupt your calls, chats, or video calls with friends.


It is definitely a good idea to use Whats Tracker if you want to monitor the activities and locations of your contacts and friends for their safety. We offer the What’s Tracker APK now on our website so that you can use this app in the most convenient way. You can reach out to us through the comment section if you have any further questions regarding Whats Tracker APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats Tracker APK requires Android app permissions. Why?

Your system must be accessible to the application. Upon downloading the What’s Tracker APK, you will be notified of all permissions required.

How safe is it to download Whats Tracker APK?

There is no reason to be concerned about the safety of this app. In addition, it won’t cause any damage to your system or alert anyone that you have access to their data.