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Don’t worry about scam calls and texts if you are frustrated with them. We have the perfect solution to your problems. You will have full protection while using TrueCaller APK since it can protect your number from scammers. The application allows you to block unwanted calls and messages, so you won’t be interrupted. Using Truecaller, you can customize your communication according to your needs. The application is easy to use and it does not have any limitations or restrictions when it comes to recording calls.

The caller ID feature allows you to know who is calling since it shows you the caller’s name whenever they call. Due to Truecaller’s full optimization, you will never experience slow speed issues. It is a lightweight application that can be used on any smart device and works very well. Let’s now take a closer look at true caller’s other main features.

How does TrueCaller APK work?

In its standard version, Truecaller APK is a communication app that is available online wherever you are. Using this application on your smart device is free, so you won’t have to spend any money. If you want to get premium features then you have to purchase the premium version, which costs money. However, you can use all the free features and options of Truecaller in standard. A pop-up ad and video ad are displayed in this version of Truecaller.


Cracked versions of Truecaller are also known as apk. Because this version does not charge a single penny, you are not required to pay for the premium features of this app. This application does not require a monthly membership. Unlike other apps, Truecaller APK does not contain video or popup ads. Alternatively, you can download the apk version if you want free premium features as well.

Recording of calls

In a true caller application, this feature can be very useful. As long as you have this application on your device, you can record any call. This feature does not have any limitations, so you can use it as you wish. Once you pick up the call, the recording button will appear automatically, or you can set it to automatically record. Your mobile memory will store all of these recordings for you to listen to later.

Truecaller APK

Security at its best

It provides complete security to all its users, which is why millions of people trust Truecaller. When you install this application, you will be completely protected so you will never receive a scam call or SMS, so all your information and data will be safe. In this case, truecaller is the best option for protecting yourself from the online world.

ID-based caller identification

In the Truecaller application, the caller ID feature is probably the best since it reveals caller information so you can read it before answering. Your caller ID can also be seen by other users of this application, but if you do not want your caller ID to be shared, you need to purchase the premium version of this application to get access to many great features. You will be aware of fakes and scams if you use this feature.

Feature that blocks

A true caller application allows you to get rid of unwanted calls and text messages on your number. This app offers the unique feature of blocking numbers that disturb you with calls and SMS so that you will never have to deal with them again. These numbers can also be viewed anytime and their history can be viewed.

Truecaller APK


Because it offers many different options, you can also customize this application according to your preferences. Different boxes can be arranged to create an entire profile without any hassle. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of themes for this application. For users at night, the dark mode is an excellent feature, since the light mode is extremely harmful. So, at night, you can easily switch this app to dark mode.

The interface is easy to use

Since truecaller’s user interface does not have any complications, it can be used by anyone of any age without any issue. You will be able to operate the entire application on your mobile device. The features and options of truecaller are user-friendly because of this.

Features of premium products

The free features of Truecaller are the only features available with the standard version. To get premium features in the premium version, you have to spend real money, but if you don’t have money, no worries. This app comes with an apk that provides the full application free of charge. So you can even enjoy all premium features while using the true caller app in apk. Thus, all premium features are free, even though you have a true caller app in apk.

Truecaller APK

No membership required

Purchasing the monthly membership of truecaller is necessary to get access to its gold version. But don’t worry since now you can use the gold version of this app free of charge because in the apk you don’t have to buy a membership. Mod versions do not charge any money and provide everything for free, so you can save money.

Advertisements are not displayed

You will see many ads while using Truecaller’s standard version, so while using this version you will be interrupted by advertisements. This app is available in a modified version for those who do not want ads. Advertisements are removed from this modified version. That’s why people are always interested in this version on the internet. As a result, it will not display popup ads or video ads while being used.

Truecaller APK


Using Truecaller to avoid scam calls and messages is a great app. The quality features of this application are the reason why millions trust it and it is highly recommended online. To download truecaller, simply follow a few steps on our website. Let us know what you think of this app in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Truecaller premium version is free. Where to get it?

Only the apk version of Truecaller provides everything for free; for the full version, you must download the original apk.

Can I download the truecaller mod apk safely?

That’s right! With the Truecaller apk, all your data and personal information are protected and secured, so you won’t run into issues.