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App Name Tiktok Apk Unban India
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Latest Version v21.3.4
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UpdateJuly 04, 2022


You can create short videos and share them on Tiktok APK one of the most popular social media platforms. There are millions of people using this app to showcase their hidden talents and get famous within days. There are many short videos uploaded by other users that you can watch. Videos can be watched and explored in different sections of this app thanks to the great user interface.

Famous celebrities make incredible videos using this app. create your own masterpiece by acting in famous movie dialogues. To appear handsome and cool, you can use the app’s 100+ emoji stickers and face filters. The app lets you shoot, edit, and share videos quickly. Your videos can be trimmed, cut, fast-forwarded, slowed down, and many other features can be adjusted. The app allows users to share videos on social media platforms for free.

How does TikTok APK work?

The social media platform Tiktok APK allows users to create and share videos. Become famous by creating your own short videos and sharing them with the world. Your videos will be watched and you will be followed by people.

Besides following your favourite creator on the app, you can also like their content. Make your videos look awesome by adding transitions and effects. Music and movie dialogues of millions of songs are available for you to use as a basis for your videos.


A hacked version of TikTok APK comes with additional features and perks. The easiest way to remove watermarks from videos is to save them directly to your device. India has completely unbanned this modified version, meaning this app can be used there. You can easily upload videos to the For You section with all premium features unlocked. Regional selections are built-in, so you can choose the region of your choice.

The interface is easy to use

There are no hard settings to worry about with TikTok’s amazing and easy-to-use interface. Thousands of videos are available for you to explore and interact with. Follow your favourite creators and send them likes. By using the Search feature, you will be able to find your friends within the app. The same applies to sending messages and chatting with others. Kill your free time by watching endless short videos.

Tiktok APK

 Dialogues and music

This social media app allows you to create videos using popular songs and dialogues. This app is perfect for actors who want to create a video featuring their favourite movie dialogue. Create your videos by selecting the dialogue and acting it out. Making your videos perfect requires lip-syncing perfectly with the dialogue. Share your videos with your friends and online by using popular and latest music.

Video editing

A built-in video editor lets you edit videos as well as create them. The app provides many filters and effects that you can apply to your videos while editing them. Fast forward or slow motion can produce cinematic effects.

Tiktok APK

Live stream with your followers

Create your own TikTok account and share your videos with millions of others on this popular video-sharing platform. Make your profile more engaging by sharing your talent. You can become famous in no time if you have lots of followers. Engage your followers in a live chat in the comments section. To gain more followers, make sure you upload videos and appear in the trending section.

It is possible to save videos

You can easily save your favourite videos within this app, which is a great feature. You can easily add your favourite videos to the favourite tab. Whenever you save a watermarked video on your device, it will be saved so you can view it on other platforms later. Creating videos with this app is completely free.

There are no regional restrictions on the product

Tiktok no longer has any regional restrictions. For those who are unable to access the standard version of the app, the cracked version allows you to select your region. Using the app is seamless no matter what region you select.

Watermarks are not present

Downloading videos without watermarks is possible with the TikTok app. directly saving videos to your device no longer involves watermarks. Your friends will appreciate the HD quality of the videos you share. Enjoy the app for free by downloading it from our site.


A highly famous app called TikTok allows people to create short video clips based on popular songs. Let the world know about your hidden talents by sharing videos. The app lets you edit and enhance your videos with filters and effects. With this modified app version, you will be able to access the app from anywhere. This version of the app allows you to create and save videos without watermarks. There are no advertisements.

Questions and Answers

How does Tik Tok work in India?

The app has been unbanned and can be accessed by Indian users.

Do Tik Tok videos have any watermarks? How can I save them without them?

Get this app if you like saving videos without a watermark on your Tik Tok videos.