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App NameTemple Run
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Latest Version2 1.89.0
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Temple Run APK is an exciting running game where you help your character navigate a maze of obstacles by using swipe gestures to jump, slide, and dodge. The game begins when you steal a golden idol from a hoard of angry demon monkeys, who then chase you across rickety boardwalks through the rainforest. Swipe up to jump over roots and holes, swipe down to slide under obstacles, and swipe left and right to steer. You can also pick up power-ups, such as magnets, invisibility cloaks, and sprints, along the way. The further you run, the more points you earn. You better not slip up, or you might become a snack for an alligator or monkey.

1. running distance

What is your maximum running distance? More obstacles appear the further you progress, so you have to dodge them faster and faster. The coins you collect can be used to upgrade in-game power-ups, such as making magnets and invisibility last longer or allowing you to purchase in-app features like backgrounds and character skins. Try to break your personal record and share your progress with friends through the game centre. To get ahead quickly, you can purchase coins within the Temple Run APK and unlock all of your upgrades. Temple Run is now available for android you beat your friends’ high scores?

2. cursed idol

A cursed idol has been stolen from the temple, and now you must run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys chasing you. Try your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. You can turn, jump, and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and power-ups, unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Treasure hunting adventure films often feature a scene where the plucky hero finally finds the treasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby traps in order to escape. In Temple Run, that scene is all there is. It’s amazing.

About Temple Run

1. Yesterday I introduced you to Zombie Tsunami, so why don’t we play another phenomenon mobile game. Imangi Studios created Temple Run, an endless runner. Since its launch, the game has been played by a large number of people around the world, earning it the nickname “game of the future”. In comparison with the previous version, it has undergone a dramatic change in terms of graphics. In addition, the game constantly updates with new features and interesting characters, giving you an unforgettable experience and making you addicted at any time. Can you beat your friend’s score record? I bet your friends are playing this game.

2. As an adventurer lost in the mysterious forest, you find antiquity that lasted a thousand years ago. However, you never know that you are in for a real nightmare. The giant monster guarding the antiquity has awoken, and now you need to run as fast as you can to avoid it tearing your body apart. Stay focused, don’t look back! On your journey through Temple Run, you must avoid obstacles and collect coins. Getting through dangerous cliffs, zip lines, and dark dungeons filled with traps will require a lot of focus. One mistake and you will be dinner for the monster.

Game features

In simple terms, the user interface plays a major role in determining the success of any android gaming app, meaning how easy it is for the gamer to actually enjoy the game and access its basic features. The makers succeeded in achieving this by creating one of the most simple, yet most interesting gameplays, so that everyone, regardless of their technical background, can enjoy the game. Using a simple tap on the screen, you can control your character, and you can turn it left or right based on your requirements.


Temple RunApk has improved its graphics significantly from its first version. You can play for hours without getting bored because of the great visual experience. In addition, the sound quality is superb. You will feel your heart pound when you hear the gorilla roar behind you.

In the main interface system of the game, there are many different regions. You can unlock new regions, including Sky Summit, Pirate Cove, Blazing Sands, Lost Jungle, Spirits Cove, Frozen Shadows, and Holi Festival.

Attribute upgrade

As you collect money, you will be able to unlock more of your favourite characters. There are many characters to choose from in this game, and new ones are added periodically. Athlete Usain Bolt is the “speed king” in the latest version of the game. It would be impossible to chase Usain Bolt, the giant gorilla!

Free to play

Most importantly, the game is currently free for Android gamers. As a result, you can easily have it downloaded and installed on your devices for free. it can be free download in the google search engine.

Enjoy unlimited gameplay

If you find the ads annoying and wish to have them removed permanently, our version of this game would surely be appealing to you. Temple Run APK is available for installation for an ad-free experience.


Temple Run provides you with the kind of exciting and thrilling sound effects you would expect from this kind of game. The beginning of the game is peaceful and makes you want to rest. The fast-paced sound effects make the game more exciting and enjoyable.

Play the game without the Internet

Temple Run offers players an amazing portable gaming experience with the help of Imangi Studios. You can play for hours on end without wasting any Internet data on your phone. When you have some free time to spare, you can enjoy the quick and smooth gameplay.


Is this game available for my laptop?

Even though this game requires an Android emulator to be played on a computer or laptop, it can also be played on Android devices.

Is this game heavy in size?

Yes, but only to a certain extent. Because the game is 60 MB in size, it is heavyweight.

Is this game free to play?

Yes, it is 100% free to download.