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Talking Tom Hero APK Dash is a game for Android that allows players to dash across the screen. Help Tom and his friends complete their missions by joining them on a mission. Go on a run and earn gold to rebuild the world again. Everyone, including Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and the rest of the gang, can become a superhero. Take back the earth from the raccoon gang.


A raccoon-led evil scheme is aimed at taking down the world, and Tom and his friends discover themselves caught up in the evil scheme. Your friends have already been kidnapped by them. Join our hero Tom in the rescue mission to save your friends and start your adventure. Each friend you rescue will make your journey easier because you’ll have one more hero on your side. Discover the world of Talking Tom Hero Dash with Tom and his friends. Play Talking Tom like you never have before.

This article features

The game provides the following features:

You can choose from your favourite characters in the series Players will have the opportunity to play as various characters in the Talking Friends series in Talking Tome Hero APK Dash. With the help of your favourite heroes, defeat the evil raccoons.

  • The main hero of the game is Tom, and you’ll start as him. Put on your superhero costume and start punching your way to the boss of your opponents. As the protagonist of the series, we’re sure many of you love him.
  • Tom’s girlfriend, and the source of his troubles, is Angela. Due to her impulsive nature, Angela is often taken advantage of by her enemies. Still, our little Tom loves her as a sweet and caring girlfriend.
  • It’s a small orange kitten named Ginger, and it’s as innocent as a child. Ginger loves to play tricks on others. When Tom and Angela get all romantic, he doesn’t like staying close to them. Gross! He’s such a baby.
  • Hank is a playful little dog who is a close friend and roommate of Tom the Talking Cat. Even so, he has untapped potential, which he demonstrated in the Hank the Millionaire spinoff.

Additionally, you will only play as many legendary characters as there are in the series. The more friends you rescue in the game, the better support you’ll have when attempting the last level. Live up to your role as a hero.

The evil raccoons’ gang is after you and your friends

It is again the raccoons that are trying to kidnap and sabotage the cities in Talking Tom Hero APK, as they plot to kidnap the friends and steal their supplies. To defeat the rascal raccoons, you must undertake exciting missions. Furthermore, you can rescue your friends from enemies as you accomplish your tasks and quests. You can also unlock new characters in the game by rescuing them from the evil rascals.

Different stages await you in this game

Gamers will see a huge map that includes numerous stages everywhere in the world. You will be able to see the beautiful tropical beaches, cross the busy China towns, and escape the evil raccoons while running across skyscrapers.

Gameplay that is innovative

The gameplay of Talking Tom Hero Dash is a bit different than just running forward. It will require players to chase after an objective. Furthermore, you can kick the raccoons’ butts so they can’t stand in your way as you run and dash around obstacles. Aside from collecting gold, you can also get money by hitting raccoons. Furthermore, you will have the power to grant your characters amazing powers since you will be the heroes.

So in this situation, if you have adequate power, you can easily overcome certain obstacles with your heroes. Remember, though, that you will lose energy if you push through too many obstacles. Don’t do it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Keep your energy well-stocked for tough scenes.

Performing stunts of varying difficulty

As you play Talking Tom Hero APK Dash, you’ll become fascinated by the interesting maps. In this game, you can run on a cruiser, jump on rooftops and chase your enemies down slopes. The maps will each have their own unique elements, making every map worth experiencing.

A scene of takedown in cinema

Additionally, you’ll also have the chance to take part in cinematic takedown scenes as you chase down the enemies. For this scene to begin, try to get as close as you can to them. When done properly, it would severely damage your opponent. In addition, it’s fun to watch our heroes take on those rascal raccoons.

Build a new world from the ruins

Racoons will often live within the rubble of a city as they cruise the streets. The locals need your help in rebuilding their homes after they are completely driven out of the cities. The next level of Talking Tom Hero Dash requires you to repair certain locations. Get rid of the 5 bosses and bring peace back to the people by defeating them.

You can win rewarding prizes at special events

Players will also have the chance to earn valuable prizes if they participate in the special events in Talking Tom Hero Dash. Don’t forget to log into the game at the right time so you can experience these awesome events.

Your favourite characters will be dressed in epic outfits

You might want to spend some of your money on costumes for your characters to make them even more badass. Even though they don’t grant you any special powers, just wearing them can scare your enemies away. Also, you’ll be able to make your favourite heroes look cool and unique.

High-quality audio and video


Playing the game with friends and family is easy due to its friendly graphics and engaging art. Moreover, the game can be played anywhere without causing problems in public. Talking Tom Hero Dash’s simple graphics also make it a perfect game to play on nearly any mobile device.


Enjoy funky and exciting sound effects throughout your journey, which make the game even more addicting. Be ready to react at all times when playing Talking Tom Hero Dash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What company created Talking Tom Hero Dash?

In addition to this Talking Tom game, the Outfit7 Company also develops other Talking Tom games. Google Play Store has access to these games.

Are there any offline versions of Talking Tom Hero Dash?

The game is better enjoyed with an internet connection, but it can also be played offline if you don’t have one. Connect to the internet to unlock additional features.

How can I obtain Talking Tom Hero Dash for my android device?

Google Play Store is where you can find this game. You can now access and download the game.

Talking Tom Hero Dash requires which version of Android?

The game is compatible with any android device running android version 4.4 or higher. All Android devices, as well as tablets, are compatible with the game.