Takashi Ninja Warrior APK 2.6.5 Unlimited Money

DeveloperHorizon Games Ltd
Size86.59 MB
FeaturesFree purchase


If you’re looking for an action-adventure game that delivers a memorable experience, this new release from Horizon Games is perfect for you. Gamers on Android will be able to find a deep and entertaining RPG experience here with in-depth gameplay mechanics and brilliant graphics. Enjoy the slash gameplay and the incredible in-game experiences with Takashi Ninja Warrior APK.

Become part of our badass ninja warrior’s journey to reduce evil to ashes and bring back peace to the people. During this process, you will also become a better ninja as you explore the true path of a ninja. We have a complete review of Takashi Ninja Warrior, an awesome Android game.


As a ninja warriors of medieval Japan, android gamers can embark on the ultimate adventures in the game. As you undertake your ultimate quest to defeat the evil forces that roam the lands, you inherit your father’s legendary fighting sword. While you prepare for the ultimate quests in Takashi Ninja Warrior APK, you will overcome numerous enemies and experience awesome in-game stories.

Your hometown, Tochi, is being destroyed by the forces of evil, and the people there are suffering. The only way to become the legendary warrior that will defeat the corrupted king and save your people is by following your father’s lead, learning the hard way as you go. Take part in epic sword fights against epic opponents, and enjoy addictive battles in the arena. Lots of unique features await you in the game.


The following are some of the many amazing features that the game offers

Play this addictive hack and slash game for fun

In Takashi Ninja Warrior right from the start, Android gamers can find themselves enjoying the simplicity and addictive gameplay that will allow them to experience the incredible actions to their fullest. You will have multiple weapons at your disposal in this game, so you can battle your enemies in many different ways.

As you earn experience points, you will further enhance your Arashi warrior ninja powers. Various weapons are at your disposal with distinct attacks. Throughout Japan, you’ll continuously clash with monsters and corrupted enemies. Furthermore, you can easily use the available touch controls to effectively direct your characters during battle. Take down your enemies and your way through the next challenges as you use your accurate attacks and skills to defeat them.

Locations are awesome, so explore the world

Gamers who play the game will find themselves with access to many interconnected maps within the game’s huge world. In addition, gamers can easily explore the secret paths and discover the unique locations in the game. While exploring the entire map and finding many interesting locations, you can enjoy the awesome gameplay of RPG and actions.

In addition to the main quests leading you through the different missions, there are many interesting in-game quests to explore. The amazing and beautiful medieval age of Japan can keep Android gamers hooked for a very long time.

Inventory System for RPG elements

For gamers on Android, the unique Inventory System allows for a more dynamic and exciting gaming experience, providing an interesting and engaging experience throughout the game. Take full control of your characters and enjoy exploring the awesome gameplay from multiple perspectives.

Check out your loot, and in-game progress, as well as customise and upgrade your skill trees as desired. The game could be approached differently this way, and your ninja characters could be developed differently.

Multiple enemies must be defeated

In Takashi Ninja Warrior APK, android gamers will also be treated to two awesome battles with different enemies with their own unique behaviours, allowing them to feel completely immersed in the game. As you continue playing the game, you will have fun fighting nasty beasts, witches, ninja enemies, and other opponents. Experience awesome hack-and-slash battles with unique and interesting in-game battles. Use different fighting styles to take on various enemies.

Utilize unique weapons

In addition, Android gamers will also be able to take advantage of unique in-game weapons to further assist them in their battle with the enemies. Discover the interesting combat styles offered by each of the multiple weapons in the game.

Experience the awesome in-game battles with multiple weapons in this game. As the game cannot be completed with just one sword, you should improve your skills in all manners of combat with certain weapons. Become the true ninja master in Takashi Ninja Warrior by mastering all the fighting arts.

Positions of Lord Shadow

Lord Shadow locations are scattered around the map to assist users in their adventures in the game. Ninja warriors can be fully recharged and in-game progress can be saved here. Take the opportunity to explore the maps while discovering these cool locations. In order to defeat the forces of evil, the players can make use of them.

Play the entire game and make purchases

Those who are interested can also pick up and use a variety of items and equipment from a complete store in the game. With multiple equipment and accessories, you can customize the appearance of your characters. Ninja abilities are also available. Enhancements have been added in full. In-game purchases will make completing quests and progressing in your quests much easier.

 You can play for free

Takashi Ninja Warrior’s awesome game features do not keep Android gamers from enjoying their action-adventure gameplay for free. As a result, you cannot be charged for downloading and installing the game from the Google Play Store.

Money without limits

Alternatively, you can also remove the irritating in-game purchases and ads with our modified version of the game if you prefer to enjoy the game even more. The Takashi Ninja Warrior APK can be downloaded from our website, followed by the provided instructions, and the application will normally install on your device. You will have access to unlimited money, removing ads, and many interesting moods that will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Quality of the visual and audio


In case you’re interested, Takashi Ninja Warrior offers immersive 3D graphics with hack ‘n’ slashes gameplay that would totally hook you. The unique physics of every weapon will make you enjoy each strike. Take advantage of the powerful graphics in the game and have fun fighting. Furthermore, this game’s own graphic settings ensure smooth and satisfying combat on most Android devices.


As well as the visually stunning graphics in Takashi Ninja Warrior, its engaging audio will allow players to enjoy the action even more. The intuitive sound effects and powerful soundtracks will hook you right into the fights, and create an immersive and relaxing environment that would make the entire experience that much more amazing.


It’s an amazing 3D slashes adventure with much fresh gameplay that will appeal to those who enjoy awesome gameplay. Embark on awesome combats with the nastiest enemies and enjoy the realistic in-game mechanics while you take on your ultimate quests. Finally, it is important to note that this unlocking of the game allows gamers to fully enjoy Takashi Ninja Warrior.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Takashi Ninja Warriors?

The game size is 95 Mbs on the Google Play Store, so the game is not large. Consequently, you won’t need much storage space for this game. It can be downloaded easily.

Could I get a copy of the Takashi warrior game?

Definitely! You can download the version from the internet. Install this game on your smartphone after you have downloaded the version. Next, open the version of the game and play. Using this method, you can download the game without any problems.

Will I have to pay for the Takashi warrior game or is it free?

Neither the Apple store nor the Google play store charges for this game, so you can play it for free no matter where you are. Both platforms are free to play.

On Android, how do you play Takashi Ninja?

This game requires an emulator. You then need to download and install the game from the Internet. Your computer is now ready for this game.