Download Spotify Premium APK v8.7.18.1138 + Unlocked for Android (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Spotify Premium Mod Apk v8.7.18.1138 + Unlocked For Android Download 2022
Size44.6 MB
Latest Version v8.7.18.1138
InfoPremium Unlocked
UpdateJUNE 28, 2022


Are you a regular commuter and do you enjoy listening to music while you’re there? Does maintaining a stable internet connection present a problem for you? Of course not! We have Spotify for you. An audio streaming application like Spotify Premium Apk provides general users with media services. Swedish entrepreneur Daniel introduced it in 2006. Stockholm, Sweden is the headquarters of the Spotify premium apk whereas the Spotify branches are located throughout 17 different countries.

Its efficient delivery of services has enabled Spotify premium apk to dig its roots deep into the world of streaming despite being in the market for more than a decade. Millions of podcasts, shows and documentaries can be listened to on the Spotify premium apk. Both the Basic and Premium versions are available. With Spotify Basic Apk, you can get just the essentials without spending even a dime. The playlists, albums or songs can be controlled, but they are accompanied by advertisements.

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium apk comes with an advertisement-blocking feature. Users of Spotify premium apk control the way they stream music according to their moods and depending on their streaming time. Furthermore, users can download albums, songs, or podcasts to entertain them when there’s no internet or when they’re offline. Additionally, Mixlr lets its users mix songs from different artists using a variety of albums, allowing them to mix songs from different artists in a new way and breaking the monotony of the same way they play music.

Spotify Premium APK and Spotify Freemium APK

Spotify Freemium is not as feature-rich as Spotify Premium but is available for the general public to use for various purposes and provides a lot more features. This essentially makes the Spotify premium apk a better and more professional version of the Spotify fermium apk. The ability to download services such as music, podcasts, documentaries, and shows so you can use them offline is one of the most notable features of the App.

The Spotify premium APK service allows users to use it whenever and wherever they like, even if the internet is down or unavailable. You can download up to 10,000 songs from it so that you can pass your time if the internet is unavailable. As a result, your internet bills are also reduced. It is possible to look through the Spotify premium app’s play history which is divided into recently added and recently played. Spotify premium apk blocks any types of ads and provides uninterrupted service.

44.6 MB

There is a ten-dollar monthly fee for the service. The ability to shuffle songs however one wants is one of the perks of paying for it. Spotify’s free version does not include the extreme option. One apk perk of Spotify premium is the ability to access new song releases anytime, anywhere, and without an internet connection. Additionally, there are no ads which interrupt leisure time.

A few states also allow their users to benefit from Spotify premium’s amazing features for free for a month during their trial. Student Discounts are also available, with discounts of up to 50% off premium packages. Through cross-platform support, it has been able to attract an even larger clientele. The Spotify Connect feature has enabled this as well.


Spotify Premium apk features the following features that make it a remarkable application

Spotify Equalizer Apk

A unique feature in Spotify premium is the equalizer. By using this feature, you can choose the sound that suits you best. A bass level or high note can be adjusted using it in music or podcasts. On other devices, it isn’t possible to do so with Spotify connect. You can enable the equalizer on Apple’s iOS device by going to settings, then playback, and then equalizer, while Android users should go to settings, tap music quality, and then tap equalizer.

Spotify Premium Apk


Spotify APK has a music library

Users can see which songs they have recently played on their accounts.

Spotify Apk offers unlimited skips

Skip songs as often as you like with Spotify premium free apk. With the free version of Spotify, this is not possible.

Spotify Apk offers a search bar

Users can use the search bar to find anything they want – songs, podcasts, playlists, albums, and more.

Playlists on Spotify

It allows one to store things such as songs, podcasts, playlists, artists, or albums as much as they want in the Spotify premium apk library. Just click the heart icon and it will be saved.

Spotify Apk is available offline

They can listen to Spotify premium apk and be entertained while doing so. Free users are only permitted to download any podcast, whereas premium users are capable of downloading not only podcasts but also all kinds of albums and playlists of their favourite songs.

Spotify Premium Apk

The Spotify APK allows you to share content

Music fans with Spotify premium can share playlists, albums, and songs with friends and family. In addition to this, Spotify also allows users to share their profiles on social media apps or messaging platforms. A Spotify embed code can be used as a way to ensure privacy and allow scanning of the code or a link to the profile of the user.

Spotify apk – MP3 Quality

Spotify premium apk gives the greatest priority to its users’ preferences. For that reason, they offer a range of various audio qualities so that everyone can find something that meets their needs, while simultaneously considering the person’s device and Spotify plan.

Spotify has a good music quality

AAC (advanced audio coding) in Spotify’s free version has a bit rate of 128 kilobits per second, whereas Spotify’s premium apk provides a bit rate of 256 kilobits per second. The network connection of the user determines this.

With “low” quality, the data rate would be 24 kilobits per second, with “normal” it would be 96 kilobytes per second, and with “high” it would be 160 kilobits per second. Both the free and premium versions have the same three values. Premium provides 320 kilobits per second in another category called “very high”

Spotify Premium Apk – Quality of Podcasts

In terms of podcast quality, Spotify premium apk and all other devices provide 96 kilobits per second except for Spotify’s web player which reaches 128 kilobits per second. On a mobile device or tablet, the lowest quality for a podcast is 24 kilobits per second.

Changing the quality of Spotify 

It is possible to modify the quality of the audio in Spotify apk at any time. The song’s notes can be learned by saving mobile data and/or through saving mobile data. In addition, one can set different settings when using a hotspot to listen to music.

Spotify Premium Apk

Applicable to multiple platforms

Any platform or device can use the app via a browser. Downloading Spotify Premium APK with various qualities. Spotify users can also select the quality of Play Spotify radio with Spotify Premium downloads High-grade downloads take up more storage and data.

Play Spotify radio with Spotify 

Besides being able to listen to music, the Spotify allows users to listen to the radio. Songs are premade and updated constantly, so it is always a treat to listen to. The radio option can be accessed by clicking on the three-dot icon and choosing Radio.

Lyrics for Spotify’s premium application

Users have access to the lyrics of any song they like whenever they want with the Spotify premium apk. Furthermore, it provides the user with the backstory of that song, enabling them to connect with the song or artist on a much deeper level. In addition, interesting facts might be provided about the songs and the inspiration behind them.

Aware cast

Your television set can play Spotify premium apk using Chromecast. Podcasts and Shows on Spotify Premium. Podcasts and featured shows can be found in the Spotify app. Using the app, users can save their favourite shows and podcasts, and all-new episodes are automatically updated when they are available.

Podcasts and Shows on Spotify 

Podcasts and featured shows can be found in the Spotify app. using the app, users can save their favourite shows and podcasts, and all-new episodes are automatically updated when they are available. It is also possible to download and listen to the content offline. They may contain advertising, sponsorships, or endorsements. The apk for Spotify premium can remove these advertisements. In addition, the video can be fast-forwarded or rewinded at any time at the user’s discretion.

Sort and filter files in Spotify

Sorting or filtering podcasts, music, movies, and documentaries can be done for saved or downloaded content. There is an option to display the files alphabetically, most recently added files, or recently played files. If you’re using a Mac, you can use the F key, or if you’re using a Windows computer, you can use the CTRL-F key. You can also use column headings. The screen size can be adjusted to show more columns.

Spotify Premium Apk

Premium concert subscription on Spotify

Users can keep track of their favourite artists through the Spotify apk. You can view all the concerts by visiting the artist’s profile. For more information or to purchase tickets, one can select it. Users can also change their location to a city of their choice. Select your preferred town/city from the drop-down menu at the top of the Concerts page.

What’s the difference between Spotify Free and Spotify premium?

They can easily switch from the Spotify free version apk to the Spotify version apk if they are using the Spotify free apk. Switching to a paid subscription will not affect someone’s playlists. They will still have access to their music content. Subscription status is the only thing that changes.


Due to its fast service and amazing features, the Spotify  has been very popular. The free Spotify apk does not offer certain new features. In terms of streaming history and personal data, it offers full security to its users.

You can easily use it and it’s very simple.For only ten dollars, you can play any track without Shuffle Play afterwards, which is quite fair for what you get. A free account comes with an amazing assortment of features including streaming across platforms, 320 kbps music, ad-free playback, and the ability to save music for later use.. Users may shuffle and save items in the library unlimited times. This makes it one of the best options to use.

Questions & Answers

Can I download the Spotify premium apk without a virus?

From the website, you can download the Spotify  file safely. In addition to being similar to the Spotify premium app found in Google Play Store, the Spotify premium apk file also includes additional features to help facilitate communication.

Are Spotify premium  files compatible with WhatsApp?

Certainly! By following a few basic steps, it is possible to share Spotify  files within minutes: Step 1: Launch the “File Manager” app on your device. Step 2: Save the file to your device. Download “ES File Explorer” from Google Play if you cannot find a file manager app. 1. Open the file location of your Apk file. You will be able to find a few sharing options when you tap the sharing icon. Simply choose to share Spotify Premium

How do I update the premium version of Spotify?

its updates are available on the website. The APK should automatically update your Android device after installation, so you don’t need to do anything.