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UpdateJune 02, 2022


There is an app called pikashow APK that can make your mobile device into a small TV that allows you to watch live TV channels on your mobile device. Because it has a large fan following on social media, this live video streaming app has good ratings on the internet. Besides being able to watch live TV channels, this app allows you to stream movies, sports, documentaries, and more. In this application, you can easily navigate everything thanks to its intuitive user interface.

With pikashow, there is no need for a high-end mobile device because it is a lightweight application that can be downloaded and installed on many smart devices. Thanks to the excellent optimization, this app will give you a good experience every time you use it. App developers send updates to pikashow apps to keep the quality high.

To use this app, there is no registration required, so you can access your favourite content just by opening it on your device. Here’s a look at some of Pikashow’s unique features that set it apart from other live streaming apps. This app has so many wonderful features that can excite any user.

How does Pikashow APK work?

In addition to the basic version of the app that you can easily find everywhere on the internet, Pikashow also has a premium version. You can download pikashow for free on your mobile device since this version is 100% free. Apps such as this one come with many features which are free so you don’t have to pay anything. However, the basic version does have an advertisement. While using this app on your mobile device, you will see different popups and video ads since it contains ads.


You receive great features with the mod version of Pikashow Apk that you do not receive with the standard version. Many people like to download modified versions of apps. This version is 100% free from video and pop-up ads, so you will never be interrupted while watching your favourite movies. There are no premium features to buy in this version, so it’s totally free. That’s why you can use it completely for free.

Registration is not required

Since you can use the pikashow app without registering, this is probably its best feature. Since the app does not require an account, you are free to use it anywhere and anytime. This is a live streaming application, so all you need is a good internet connection. Pikashow does not have subscriptions or registrations, so it saves you money too since it offers all its services for free. You can use pikashow to watch everything whenever you want.

Television channels live

Pikashow has a knack for grabbing people’s attention. Due to this, this app allows you to watch each of your favourite television channels with just a single tap. This app provides a wide range of channels to watch such as news, entertainment, sports, music, documentaries, and many other nice channels. In the pikashow live app, you are not charged for watching any channels. Your mobile device can be turned into a small TV box using this app.

Shows and movies

You can watch movies and TV shows on Pikashow APK as well as live TV channels. Pikashow has everything you need to watch movies, so you don’t need to download another application. You can watch all sorts of movies, including horror, romance, thrillers, action, comedies, and more. The site also provides web series, documentaries, and seasons. Since this app only requires an internet connection to operate, you can stream this content from anywhere and anytime.

Different devices can be cast

You can cast this app on a big screen from your mobile device, which is a very useful feature because it lets you watch your mobile device with other smart devices. Pikashow also supports casting so that you can also watch your favourite movies or shows on a larger screen using your mobile device and a TV, table or another smart device. Casting with other devices is easy with this feature because it automatically detects other devices around you when it is enabled so that you can easily cast.

Optimization and good user interface

Good user interfaces always make an app better, as they make navigation easy and make understanding the app no problem. Due to this, pikashow also has a very user-friendly interface, so you will never have any sort of trouble using it. Because this app has simple options, it is very easy to use. Pikashow is optimized for speed, which is why every option is answered quickly. Due to the fact that this application is updated every two weeks, you will not experience lagging issues.

Due to the fact that advertisements annoy the most, this version of pikashow is free of ads. With this version, you won’t see any advertisements because it gives you access to all the features. Due to the mod version, you are able to view all of your shows and live TV channels uninterrupted. Then download this amazing mod version of the Pikashow app on your device if you really don’t wish to see ads or pop-ups in it.

Free of charge

This Pikashow app mod version provides you with the entire premium feature of the app for free, so you can make full use of it. Everything in the mod version is free, so you don’t have to buy anything since this version is also free. As the mod version does not require registration or subscriptions, you can use the full application without paying anything.

Several advantages

  • Channels with live TV
  • A variety of shows and movies
  • Registration not required
  • A user-friendly interface that is optimized for the best performance
  • Easily operative



This listing of features is the reason why Pikashow is such an excellent application. You won’t find them on any other live streaming application. Pikashow is a free app that provides the best experience for users. The app is free to use as it offers no in-app purchases and can be used to watch all your favourite TV live channels and movie streaming services. We have the updated version of this awesome app on our website, so please click the download button if you want it on your device as well. Download pikashow and have fun. In the comment section, please share your experiences with this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pikashow app free from ads?

It is essential that you download the mod version of the Pikashow application if you wish to remove the ads. Get the mod version and enjoy watching without ads.

Are versions of Pikashow safe to download?

Sure! Since the pikashow app mod version does not contain any potential problems or threats, you can download the latest version without any worries.