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App Name PicsArt Apk
Size55 MB
Latest Version v20.0.0
InfoUnlocked Gold/Premium Features
UpdateJune 23, 2022


The art of editing and photography are loved by a lot of people. A lot of their passion comes from editing gorgeous footage and taking the time to appreciate it. Pictures Art Photo Editor is one of the best photo editors you can use which allows you to do the whole editing process. This app has a wide range of excellent photo editing features and many great tools to help you create amazing photos.

You will enjoy sharing your edits with your friends because you will have awesome visual experiences. With this app, you can easily edit both videos and photos. No more worrying about editing after taking your photos. This app offers so many options for editing videos and photos. Videos and photos will become unique as you customize them.

Do you know what it does?

It offers many customization and editing options that can be utilized to take stunning photos and videos using this powerful app. It is one of the best and most popular photos and video editors on the Android platform. If you use an Android phone, you can edit your photos using any editing tool. There are hundreds of great filters and effects available.

With Sketch Affects you can create amazing and popular vintage effects, sketch effects, aesthetic effects and even more effects. Android users will be able to express their creativity with these amazing features and effects. This app will help you create beautiful art pieces and boost your creativity. It allows you to edit your pieces in different ways.

Start by importing videos and editing them with simple and advanced tools. Using filters and effects is one way to edit videos. You could do basic things like trimming and cropping. Editing is fun when you are having fun. The app will display all of your pictures, and you can simply choose one to begin editing. This app allows you to record and edit your footage.

picsart apk.


It is possible to easily install this photo editing tool on your android phone. It is for those who are interested in this app. It’s easy to download and use any of the working and stable versions on your Android device because there are so many options available. Unlike other apps, it does not require high-end devices.

The only requirement is to take high-resolution photos and videos. With this app, you can edit photos in high quality. You can edit photos more nicely and clearly if you have a high-quality camera. A minimum of 2 GB of RAM is required for this powerful video/photo editor.

Awesome features

Below is a list of the great features of this app.

 Easily edit photos on your Android device

This feature is for those who want to edit photos. There are basic and advanced tools available for editing photos. Besides in-app purchases, you can also choose from a premium feature list. Cropping, stretching, colour grading, and more amazing tools for editing photos are available.

The collection contains a wide variety of frames, borders, effects, and filters. There are brush ways and more in this app to allow users to customize and precisely edit images. Font styles and font sizes can be adjusted easily as well. There are many ways to enhance images. Generate memes that you can share.

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Make the most of these video editing features

There are a lot of great features in this app, and you can also edit videos with it. You can use this app to capture stunning footage, which can then be edited to make it even better. A video editing tool can be used to apply several effects and filters. Adding a unique touch to videos by adding texts. Stickers and filters can also be applied to videos. The interface is intuitive. It is very easy to edit videos with video editing software.

Replay offers quick editing

You can use the replay feature in editing to examine your editing process in greater detail. Playback is convenient and intuitive. You can duplicate and overlay effects with PicsArt APK Photo Editor to create unique and amazing edits. Step-by-step instructions are included on how to edit photos. Enjoy the new features of the app and check out the new Replays that are available.

Take a look at Many Interesting Mobile Image Remixes

There is also a unique image mixing feature that lets you freely interact with the community. You can edit and customize images and share them using the #freetoedit hashtag. You can add a stunning touch to your images by adding your details. Get help editing your pictures at PicsArt APK Photo Editor Online Community. See what the other users have created.

PicsArt APK

Sketch your unique images

This app has a feature that you won’t find anywhere else, the sketch feature. These sketch effects make your sketches more realistic. Create a sketch from your selfies and images using simple sketch effects. Discover how realistic colour and sketch effects can be. Choose your preferred effect and customize it to your liking.

Stickers to Enjoy or Create Your Own

Those who love photography and photo editing will find tons of great features in Pic Monkey. Get professional results without any skills by using these effects and filters. Downloading this version of the app will give you access to over 5 million stickers. The sticker community has contributed over 5 million stickers to this version of the app.

Filters and stickers can be applied to photos and videos. If you want to make your stickers, this app allows you to do so, and these stickers can be applied to video and image files. This app is unique in offering an amazing sticker maker. The app features a lot of fun features. Add stickers to your community and share them.

PicsArt APK

Discover the Magic Effects with Your Edits

This app allows you to apply some magical effects to images. You can use this app to create the most amazing effects and drawings without any problems. You can use this app to create the most amazing effects and drawings without any problems. Find more effects and designs in the library of the app and edit your photos accordingly.

The Collage Maker can be fun

The collage maker is one of the most sought-after features in this era. Collage maker lets you arrange your photos into collages. There are many collage designs and grid systems that can be used to create collages. There is no problem making collages from an entire album. Simply customize the templates to your liking.

With the app, you can draw your pictures

Those interested in drawing can use this feature. You can use it to entertain yourself. For drawing or designing your image, you can choose from many different brushes and pens. Create unique images by customizing your drawings. You can make amazing artworks with ease.

PicsArt APK

Enjoy the Ultimate Editing Challenges

I am including this last feature but we are not able to cover them all in this article. With this app, you can play mini-games against other community members. The app also features mini-games which you can play. It is possible to explore the creativity of the community. Browse the community to find inspiration.

You can use it for free

Free to download and easy to find on the Google Play Store, this app is available to Android users. The free version will provide you with amazing features, and you can download this app without any problem.

Take advantage of our website’s Unlocked Version

Although in-app purchases are optional, access to premium features requires a gold membership. The unlocked version of this app is available for those who cannot afford it. There is no limit to the editing tools and features you can use, so you can customize your photos and videos to suit your needs.By following the installation guide, you can download this unlocked version easily.

Free Download of PicsArt Gold APK

The Google Play Store offers a paid APK for PicsArt Gold. You can use PicsArt for Free by installing the PicsArt APK. It will provide you with all the premium features without spending a dime. Now follow our instructions to download and install it.

  1. You need to enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Click on the download link to download the file.
  3. Download the app to your device and install it.
  4. If prompted on the screen, make all the necessary settings in the app.


PicsArt is a great app for editing photos and videos along with the famous photo editor pro and Adobe Photoshop. If you’re ready, take advantage of our to unlock the unlocked and free version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PicsArt APK pose a security risk?

Norton Security, Avast, and AVG Antivirus were not the only antivirus programs that scanned the APK file. PicsArt 3 protects your privacy since there is no malicious code present.

Moreover, we host the files, which means that third parties cannot access them. Additionally, our team has personally tested this PicsArt Gold APK to ensure that it is safe for Android tablets and smartphones to download and install.

How do you get a free Gold membership?

If you wish to use the premium features, you will need to create a PicsArt account with your email address and password. After your account is registered, you will be able to access gold features. Therefore, there is no need to try any primary email ID because you do not need to verify the email.