Ludo STAR APK 1.93.2 Unlimited (Money) for Android

App Name Ludo Star Apk
Genre Board
Size55 MB
Latest Version 1.96.3
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The iconic and popular game Ludo star Apk is known for its family-friendly approach and entertainment value. It is accessible to all age groups since it tests your skills against your opponent and tests your luck as you use them against him. There is a very user-friendly interface, and players can play simultaneously. It is possible to play with your friends or other players around the world online or on the computer. It has a universal appeal and a fun quotient and can be played by up to four players. There are instructions included with this board game, making it easy to learn how to play. When all players’ game pieces have returned to their bases, the winner is declared.

APK Ludo Star: What is it?

An old board game became a popular smartphone game when Ludo Star APK was transformed into a digital format. Facebook friends or random people can play Ludo with you. It is very easy to start the game with 1 or 3 players by choosing your favourite colour. Upon playing this game, you can earn so much gold and many rewards every day. This game gives you the opportunity to win money that you can gamble with later. Winning gives you more gold and money to spend.

These Features are:

In this version of the game, there are a few extra features, but it’s a little different. You don’t have to play or win matches if you want more gold coins, money, or rewards. As you can see already, you have an infinite supply of gold and money in your LUDO wallet that you can use to play the game. Gold coins can be purchased for free. The game already offers a lot. Using the tools and tricks included in this version will also improve your chances of winning.

Ludo Unlimited is now available

There is no time limit for playing this game. Ludo is now available on your mobile phone for free, so you can play it wherever you are. Playing this game with your friends and anyone is such a pleasure. It can be played anywhere and at any time, so users can play it at any time.

Get Gold Coins

The gold coins you earn in this game can be saved or used in future matches. A newly created Ludo game requires at least 500 gold coins. If you do not have 500 gold coins, you cannot play this game. In this way, with each new match you play, the double reward you invested in before the game begins can be won. With this method, you continue to earn gold coins as time passes.

Reward yourself every day

A new feature in Ludo allows you to earn gold that you can use to play more games with. The reward is only available every 24 hours, so you can open this game once every 24 hours to get it. Every day a small treasure box with a sweet design will be given to you. Your reward will be waiting for you as soon as you open it. By doing this, every day you will accumulate more gold.

 Multiply the number of players

Ludo star Apk can be played by one, two, or four players simultaneously. That’s up to you. You can play your game as long as there are these many players. Choosing the style you want to play is the only thing you have to do. You will have the option of playing with 1, 2, or 3 more people immediately. This is because you can play this game with people from all over the world, including your Facebook friends. Its regular style is one of the reasons people enjoy playing it.

Variations of the Game

There are three interesting methods in this game. You can play them anytime, anywhere, and are able to master them with ease. From the easiest to the toughest, they are all available. In levelling up, players can try their luck and skills on a variety of levels. The players feel confident and are motivated to improve their LUDO skills. Ludo allows them to progress from one level to another and thus become a master of the game, accumulating gold coins and money as they go.

Sign in with Facebook

By connecting your game to your Facebook account, you can play this game. You can play with your Facebook friends and save the results of your games by connecting your Facebook account to Ludo. It’s just a matter of seeing who’s online and challenging them.

Improve Your Ranking

The more games you win, the better your rank becomes. Thus, you will receive more daily rewards and be able to get upgraded. You will eventually become the best player in the league.

Play with people around the world

Because this is the rule of the game, you can easily play with people around the world. The other player in front of you will shock you when he bets in to play the game. Ludo players from other countries can join your match to play against you. Therefore, this game is totally unexpected and can leave you in a state of utter shock. You will definitely enjoy this feature if you are a ludo fan and want to play with other people.

Talk to the players.

You can also chat with the players online, which is an interesting feature. For a game like Ludo, it is a new thing, but nothing new in other games. Texting allows you to communicate with people directly. Ludo is a new thing that people really enjoy because they are able to chat with people with who they aren’t familiar, and that is how they are building long-term friendships.

Emojis sent

This game includes many fun and creative emojis. Emojis are a way to express emotions to other players. Depending on your mood and what is happening in the game, these emojis will appear. Make the gaming experience even more exciting by using emojis while playing this game.

 3D View

Everything in Ludo looks so beautiful thanks to its 3D look. The gameplay is very fun and creative, and the 3D graphics make the game look very original. You will definitely enjoy this game because it is fun and creative. It is one of the biggest pluses of this game.

This package contains a Learning Guide

In the world, a large number of people are not familiar with what Ludo is. Some people live in places where Ludo is unknown. This game can be understood by using a perfect learning guide. The rules that teach you how to play this game can be found in this guide. In it, you will find all the rules that will assist you in playing and winning all the matches in the right way. New players will enjoy this game a lot because it makes things so easy for them.

Download it for free

You can download and play this game for free. The game is free to download and play, unlike many other popular and interesting smartphone games. With no subscription fee, you will always be able to use all of the features and options in this game. This game is free, you can play it anytime, and you can enjoy it.

User-friendly interface

Its simple and easy user interface makes it so appealing and enjoyable to play. You won’t have to worry about any features because this game is so easy to understand. There are all the features you can use to begin playing the game right away. This game provides a very comfortable user experience, and users enjoy it for this reason. Due to this reason, people around the world are becoming really fond of this game.

All ages will enjoy it

All age groups can enjoy this game due to its suitability for different age groups. Everyone can play Ludo, whether they are young, old, or in between, because this game has no age restriction. This is a perfect game for people who want to play one game with their family members, so they don’t have to worry about how old or how young they are.


People have always loved Ludo Star APK and they cannot forget it. It has become a strong memory for them since they have played it since childhood. Download Ludo Star APK now if you like the Ludo game. Last but not least, please leave us your valuable feedback in the comments section. If you have played this game, let us know how the experience was, and if the game brought back old memories of playing Ludo.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Ludo Star APK file?

With its storage size of just 53 MB, Ludo Star APK should be able to install on just about any Android phone, regardless of the Android version. Downloading and playing this game is easy for even the slowest phone.

Are there any Ludo Star APK players I can play with?

Due to the fact that you can play Ludo Star APK with anyone in the world, you can play it with your Facebook friends.