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Whenever you have spare time, do you wish to play a simple yet extremely enjoyable mobile game? Interested in playing certain games but not wasting your time learning the complex gameplay? This new game from the Ketch app will give you a chance to test your knife-throwing skills in a new way. To that end, Ketch introduces its latest arcade title Knife Hit APK in a race to design the best casual mobile games. The gameplay of knife throwing is oddly satisfying, and gamers will find themselves exploring and exploring.

As you throw multiple knives toward the various logs, you will face an endless number of challenges. Take down as many targets as you can and avoid hitting your knives. Take down as many targets as you can and avoid hitting your knives. You might spend much time mastering the simple gameplay and get bored of playing. The Ketch app’s latest game will definitely surprise you. See our complete review of Knife Hit APK for more information on this amazing mobile game.


The game starts off with simple and unappealing gameplay of throwing knives that Android gamers will have access to in Knife Hit. You’ll receive specialized knives to use in breaking the logs you’re aiming for. When you throw your knife, ensure that it covers the entire spinning log so that it will effectively break it. In addition, you should still take care to avoid hitting the other knives and the armoured spikes since they’ll all deflect.

You will lose the level if you run out of knives without chopping down any logs. Have fun throwing knives wherever and whenever you want with this casual and enjoyable game. You’ll face intimidating bosses as you navigate multiple levels in the game. If Knife Hit’s gameplay were simple yet engaging, it might make for an interesting game.

This feature

Here is the complete list of the game’s features:

Playing games on android has never been simpler and more intuitive

As a result of Knife Hit’s straightforward and intuitive gameplay, Android gamers will quickly become familiar with the game. The game allows you to unleash your knife by simply tapping the screen. You should tap your knife just before it strikes the spinning logs so that it does not deflect. Play now and start having fun! You won’t master the game overnight, so don’t view it as easy. You’ll also have the chance to compete against many amazing players all over the world.

Various levels and amazing gameplay

Talking about levels, Knife Hit APK offers a whole collection of them, each boasting a different gameplay style and in-game experience that is sure to appeal to you all. If you have little protection and go at a relatively slow speed, you will probably find yourself taking on the normal spinning logs. Furthermore, you will be able to fight against nasty bosses with fully protected armour, making them virtually impossible to break.

If you prefer, you can also try the astounding bonus levels with delicious apples and plain logs. There are a number of different difficulty levels in Knife Hit, which go along with the many levels of gameplay. Although this is accurate, you can always expect to face more challenging logs as you progress through the game. However, as you progress in the game you will always run into tougher logs.

It’s your game, so customize it how you want

In addition, Knife Hit APK can also be customized in-game in terms of knife shots and visuals, for players who are interested. With our wide selection of knives, you can select the one that best suits your taste. Enjoy a more refreshing gameplay experience when you incorporate these techniques in Knife Hit’s new levels.

A worldwide community of friends and gamers

To make the gameplay even more interesting, android gamers will also compete against top players across the globe to win the ultimate leader boards in Knife Hit APK. It is also possible to connect your social accounts to the game so that you can see your friends who are also playing it. Earn your bragging rights by beating all of your friends’ high scores and earning your place as the best. Plus, the awesome winners of the game will always get special rewards.

Whether you use the Internet or not

Furthermore, Knife Hit APK allows players to play the game completely offline to enjoy the game on their portable devices. However, most of Knife Hit’s features are available even in offline mode, so even if you don’t have access to the Internet, you can still have fun playing the game. If you don’t have mobile data and are outside, it will be a perfect casual game to enjoy.

By being active you can unlock daily rewards

Knife Hit also has daily rewards for active players, so you can fully enjoy the game. The only thing you have to do to unlock your special prizes is to log in to the game every day. Your ultimate rewards are sure to be more enjoyable when you stack rewards

Play for free

However, Android gamers will be able to enjoy free gameplay in Knife Hit despite all of these amazing features. It can be easily found and downloaded for free online.

Access unlimited features

In spite of this, some of you might still find the in-game purchases and advertisements quite irritating. As such, we offer a modified version of the game that has all the content unlocked. Install the unlocked game on your devices by downloading and following the instructions. Through this update, you can now enjoy ad-free gaming, multiple payment options, and unlimited gameplay.

 Quality of visuals and sound


With its simple yet highly intuitive visual experience, you’ll feel totally immersed in the game. To that end, you’ll find in-game elements that are colourful and uncomplicated will make the whole experience more engaging. The stunning visual effects in Knife Hit allow gamers to be fully immersed within the game, for a truly immersive gaming experience.


Knife Hit’s audio experiences add to the game’s impressive visual appearances with simple yet intuitive sound effects. Because of this, you can focus on the game without being distracted by any unnecessary sounds, as the game contains limited sound effects. In addition, you can play your favourite tracks and get hooked on the levels if that is possible.


Knife Hit will undoubtedly be your next favourite mobile game if you like its simple but exciting gameplay. Even the most sceptical gamers will be satisfied by the enjoyable and interesting gameplay found in mobile arcade games, especially when the games are free and unlocked.

Questions & Answers

Knife Hit can be downloaded and played for free?

You can download and play it for free.

How do I run Knife Hit without rooting my device?

Playing this game does not require rooting your device.

Knife Hit Apk download is safe?

Sure. We manually review and approve every upload. The mods have been tried by many users without any issues regarding harmful sources or malware.