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The Horizon Chase APK tribute pays homage to the venerable arcade game series of the same name. It now uses a novel 3D graphics engine that makes racing more fun and exciting for everyone. Additionally, it offers a variety of online racing modes where everyone can showcase their racing skills and control. In addition to reimagining many iconic and familiar elements of the original game, this new-generation 3D game will feature captivating enhancements.


With Horizon Chase, which has been around since the arcade generation, but is now enhanced with the most cutting-edge graphics engine available, racing has been around for a long time. As a result, the gameplay content combines classic and modern elements to provide players with a diverse gaming experience. The main gameplay system will also introduce more innovative racing modes that have never been fully introduced and many legendary vehicles will also be brought into the system.



The game’s visual quality exhibits a distinctive retro style despite its use of the latest generation 3D graphics engine. When combined with the exquisite and detailed designs of vehicles, the environment and objects also take on a nostalgic look. Furthermore, players are able to create many complex feelings through their art in the form of vivid graphics and visual effects.


Players can now enjoy a variety of creative and hilarious race modes on Horizon Chase APK, including retro and classic modes. No matter how simple the style or content of the game, it enhances the player’s experience from the first-person perspective. As a result, new racing styles will require new types of vehicles during the game modes.


Another great feature is the variety of vehicles, which gives players more options to drive their favourites. However, the vehicles can only compete in compatible racing modes, and they provide the sensations typical of vehicle collections despite having different levels of performance. Many of the cars in the game can be customized according to the style or design players prefer.


It is much more fun to play Horizon Chase APK with friends, whereas optional races offer much more fun. Customization allows players to change the rules of the game dramatically, whether they play in the traditional style or hybrid style, combining many modes. As players make decisions on rewards for participating in closed races, they are also an appropriate choice if they want to solve all their problems through racing.


If your career is boring with the default races, tournaments are a great place to find new challenges or opportunities. Each player’s starting position is determined by many factors, creating a balance that is ideal for everyone. Players have the opportunity to upgrade all their vehicles with the rewards for the above activities, which are always plentiful.

Even though Horizon Chase‘s graphics are similar to those of a retro game, its gameplay and racing modes are creative and humorous. Moreover, it now offers players the option to create closed races with friends to spend countless great moments together regardless of the type of racing vehicle they choose.

Mechanism for controlling

As far as its console is concerned, Horizon Chase APK is nearly the same as other games in its genre. In addition to the basic controls on the screen, there is an accelerator key, a turbo button, and arrow keys for turning left and right. Since players can drift around bends without using brakes, this game has no brake buttons. Keeping the car from being thrown off the track is dependent on centrifugal force, which increases the difficulty. The player can use a miniature map on the left side of the screen to identify his position during the race as well as his destination.

Tracks with harsh conditions

This game will satisfy the conqueror in you with its roads. You must also be cautious of the obstacles on the track in addition to competing against others every moment. Your steering wheel’s quality is greatly influenced by the weather. With the bright sunlight, the dust, and showers on the desert map, the road will be slick. Additionally, snow or storms will obscure visibility. Sometimes, you will be racing on a track right next to lava erupting from a volcano.

Is that exciting? Does Horizon Chase APK have as many tracks as almost no other racing game? More than 73 racing tracks with 40 cities are currently available in the game, and the number has never decreased. Talented riders will have the chance to compete in up to 8 champion cups in addition to the default tasks.

Collection of cars

Whatever the game, the player’s top priority is always collecting cars. There are 21 different cars in Horizon Chase. A variety of supercars are designed in detail, similar to real-life brands such as BMW, McLaren, and Ferrari… Starting with the Grand GR45, you can earn money after every mission to buy a new car. It also lets you customize the interior and exterior of your vehicle, its engine, wheels, and other parts. Upgrades to your car are the most convenient way to complete the challenges, aside from improving your driving skills.

Graphics with 16 bits

A 16-bit graphics layer allows players to experience the world of supercar racing with Horizon Chase back in the 1980s and 1990s. The endless long paths to the horizon and the trees on the side of the road glide at such a dizzying speed that you feel like you’re going at supersonic speed. The image quality of the game is not very good, so the emphasis of the game is on speed, rather than on the appearance of the vehicles. However, there are some physical feedbacks such as colliding with other cars on the track that will also affect your car. In Horizon Chase, Acquires developers invited composer Barry Leitch to support the audio (92 songs are included). Music that opens the race proudly stimulates the athlete’s spirit of conquest. Experience all these sounds realistically when you join Horizon Chase.


Having won numerous awards and is highly regarded by experts, Horizon Chase provides a true world of speed to players. It’s not the kind of racing game that would feature supercars. Horizon Chase is definitely worth your time if you enjoy racing games with classic graphics!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think of Horizon chase?

Horizon Chase Turbo gives you not only a down-to-Earth racing experience but also allows you to play all tracks in split-screen mode with multiple players and a traditional Championship method.

Are there multiplayer options in Horizon Chase?

Across all game modes, Horizon Chase Turbo supports Multiplayer Split Screen, reinforcing the feeling of playing all night long on the couch with your best friends. Trying to figure out who is your best friend is difficult since this one is also the most formidable

How many players can play Horizon Chase Turbo?

You will need to connect your friends’ controllers in order to enable multiplayer mode in Horizon Chase Turbo. Connected users will be visible to you on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The simultaneous connection of four players is possible. Whenever players are online, their game screens will automatically switch to split-screen mode.