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Among the most popular social media apps to share images, videos, and stories are Instagram. Instagram is used by nearly everyone to share trending stories. However, one of the most irritating features of Instagram is that no one can download any of the images, stories, or videos you share there. Free GB Instagram APK, which lets you download any photo or video from Instagram without having to download a third-party app.

In Google and in the Play store you can find a number of fake applications that allow users to download images and videos from Instagram. However, a third party must install the tools required to use such applications. There is another Instagram Apk you can download known as. The best Instagram app for Android is GB Instagram.

Unlike the official Instagram app and any other Instagram, this app has some unique and latest features. The app allows you to download any photos and videos that are on Instagram. Additionally,GB Instagram Apps provides many other customized features, so if you love Instagram, then you will love to use this app with its many unlocked features.

GB WHATSAPP is also available for Android. With Instagram, users can’t download images or stories shared by others on the app, which is one of the best Social Media apps in terms of privacy. Taking screenshots of the images and cropping them is incredibly hard and time-consuming. No one wants to spend time cropping images.

Additionally, the quality of the image will decrease after cropping. If you want to download Instagram videos, how do you do it? You can crop images from Instagram but what if you want to download Instagram videos? That’s impossible. You can easily download stories, videos, and images from Instagram onto your phone by following these steps. How cool is that? Go ahead and download it now!

Who is GB Instagram?

It provides a better user experience than the original Instagram application. The app’s features have actually so captivated users that they have removed the original app from their smartphones and replaced it with the GB version. If you would like to know its vast features that have surpassed Instagram, you can also install GB Instagram on your mobile device.

It is possible to share photos and videos with your friends, upload story fields, and share live streaming with your friends over the internet. You can use Instagram to chat with other people on your list and share your celebrations with them. It is a version of the application.

More than 1 million people have downloaded GB Instagram to date, and its membership is growing every second. This application is compatible with Android 4.3 and has a size of 38 MB, so it is memory efficient and has just updated a day ago. Install this app right now if you wish to take advantage of its features. Stream lives and upload photos.


  1. Your friends’ photos and videos can be zoomed in.
  2. A friend can share pictures, videos, live feeds, and story feeds with you.
  3. The themes can be customized to your own taste, and you can change from one to another as often as you wish.
  4. A built-in translator is available to translate text to your foreign friends in any language.
  5. It’s possible to hide and still be able to see your friends’ stories when you use the hide yourself feature.
  6. Your online status can be hidden.
  7. You can turn off the right and left dragging options
  8. Any message can be marked with a star.
  9. Zoom in on your friends’ profile pictures
  10. This allows you to copy your friend’s text, comment, or biography, paste it to WhatsApp or Facebook, and it will display on that platform.
  11. Instagram does not need to be rebooted
  12. The official Instagram platform doesn’t ban you from using it because it has anti-ban functions

GB Instagram’s Best Features

Video and Image Downloads

It is one of the most incredible features of GB Instagram APk because the default Instagram application does not allow you to download images and videos. Considering the advanced state of technology today, it’s gloomy that we can’t download pictures, videos, live streamings, and stories. You can download GB Instagram photos, videos, live streaming, and story feed of friends and family members to resolve this issue.

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the picture to download the pictures without your friends knowing? There are many options available. Clicking that will give you the option to download the photo. You can download the image or video on your mobile phone if you click on that option. If you open your gallery, you will see the picture you downloaded titled ‘photos of GB Instagram’. Amazing, isn’t it? Taking screenshots is no longer required to download images. Our website offers you for download and installation.

Instagram dual account

Dual Instagram is a great feature offered by GB Instagram. It’s quite common for people to have more than one Instagram account. We have one account that we can use for family and friends, and another account that we can use for business purposes. When we use GB Instagram, both Instagram accounts can be used within the same app.

The fact that Instagram is available on your phone will be apparent if you have the official application. In the past, it was impossible to use two Instagram accounts in one Instagram application simultaneously, but with GB Instagram, this will no longer be a problem. You can now log into two Instagram accounts simultaneously and use them in one Instagram application.


The GB Instagram application offers customization options. In this way, you can select your favourite themes. Living in a colourful world can get monotonous if we are forced to use one theme all the time. When you use the customization option in the GB Instagram, you can use two or more themes on your mobile devices. You can switch between these different themes in a blink of an eye.

Don’t reveal your online identity

Despite being online, we sometimes don’t get to reply to our friends or sometimes we don’t have time to chat, but instead scroll. Using the feature of hiding your online presence on GB Instagram, you can hide your online presence and not chat. If your online status is not shown to your friends, they will not be able to text or wait for your responses, since your online status will not be displayed to them. If you don’t reply to your friends on time, you can avoid fights.

Our busy lifestyle makes this option so appealing. Don’t you think? By using the copy option on Instagram, you can copy any text you want from your friends’ captions and bios. Currently, an Instagram app does not provide this functionality and any comments that you make there cannot be passed to external sources like Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger.

You can still copy and caption anyone’s bio if you install GB Instagram on your mobile phone. The ability to copy a caption is not available every time we like a caption. The caption is typically typed over and over again, but if you have GB Instagram, the caption can simply be copied and pasted underneath your picture.

GB Instagram features

GB Instagram has all its features completed, don’t you think? We cannot even count its features, so you’re wrong. There are plenty. Other Instagram features include zooming in on photos, translating texts into foreign languages, and translating pictures for your foreign friends. The Developers of the official Instagram account will not ban you from using it.

Whenever you receive a message, star it

Any message can be marked with a star if you use the GB Instagram application. In the official Instagram application, there is no feature similar to this on Instagram. The images and videos, and GIF messages can even be marked with stars as an indication of important messages. Instagram does not offer this feature, however, it provides you with the option of marking the message with a star.

Translation by auto-translation

Within the GB Instagram, there is an integrated translator. Through this translator, any text can be translated into any language. A friend of yours lives with someone who doesn’t speak your native tongue. You will definitely benefit from this feature. With no built-in translator, translating the text into your friends’ language was time-consuming, and you had to install other translation applications on your phone.

The GB Instagram app simplifies your life by providing a translator and eliminates the need to download multiple translation applications when you download the app. When you turn on the translator on your mobile phone you will be given the option to translate the text, long-press the text you want to translate, and a translation option will pop up. Click on the translation option, and the translation will be done in your choice of language.

Click on the profile pictures for a closer look

Often, we need detailed pictures of our friends and family so that we can see how they dress and what they have on. Zooming in on a picture is the only way we can do this. The Instagram application does not offer zoom features for its profile pictures or images, but you can zoom in on the pictures by using GB Instagram, which lets you zoom in on both your own pictures and those of your friends and business associates.

You can zoom in on the profile pictures by pressing and holding on to a picture for two seconds. To zoom out the picture, simply drop it on the ground, and it will be restored to its original size.

The APK is rootless and anti-ban

There is no ban on Instagram’s official website in the GB. In the official Instagram application, there are no terms and privacy policies that prohibit mode applications.

Instagram did not develop it. GB Instagram can sometimes be banned by Instagram developers, which is why you should be cautious when using it. The GB Instagram will not block you from the official Instagram developers.

Questions & Answers

What is the safety of GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is safe in terms of security. The data and pictures on your mobile phones are in no danger.

GBP Instagram – what is it?

Third-party developers created the mode version of Instagram called GB

Is it possible to download GB Instagram?

Since GB Instagram is not on Google Play Store, you have to access the web to download it, and GB Instagram does not appear in Google Play Store. The web-based application does not require any updates. Google Play Store updates it automatically. Updates are performed simultaneously on both web applications and applications downloaded from the Play Store.


We must recognize that GB Instagram is not just a simple app but is a lot more than that – it offers thousands of features that we cannot do without. You cannot export pictures, videos, live streaming, and stories from your Instagram friends if you are using GB Instagram instead. If you are using Instagram, you can only upload your pictures and videos.

Your foreign friends can communicate with you through the translation of the text into their own language. Using the hidden view feature, you can view your friends’ stories while hiding even your own status and their status.

What are you waiting for? Try GB WhatsApp today! If you want to take advantage of these features, why not download GB WhatsApp today? Now you can enjoy photos and videos on Instagram by downloading the on your mobile phone.