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The stock camera apps for your Android devices can do most of what you need, but if the quality of images is your primary concern, they might not be the best choice. Accordingly, you will find that beauty camera apps like B612 Apk can be a great experience.

In addition to capturing amazing portraits with awesome beauty effects, you will also capture amazing photos and videos with the added filters and interesting edit options. B612 is compatible with all Android devices, so you don’t have to use any crappy camera app. Feel free to capture your amazing photos and videos with the mobile app while enjoying a smooth and satisfying experience.

In addition, your mobile app can be made more accessible and useful by enabling plenty of useful settings. In addition, you can easily use the app regardless of your previous photography experience. Review our in-depth reviews to learn more about this fascinating app from snow.

Do you know what it does?

A fully-featured camera app is available for Android users in B612 Apk so that they can capture their beautiful pictures and amazing videos. With the app, you can apply simple yet powerful enhancements to your landscape photos, remove blemishes from your portrait photos, and capture videos of the highest quality.

Designed to make your life easier, this sticker pack contains over 1500 stickers that each feature a unique visual element and graphic. Find out what awesome beauty effects you can apply to your photos to capture your scenes with just one click. Hundreds of filters are available for you to choose from in the mobile app, so you can work on your photos comfortably. In addition, you will be able to make your videos more exciting by unlocking tons of interesting sounds and music.

What is required?

The B612 application is now freely available to the other those who are interested, without having to pay a penny. Get started with many of its features by simply downloading and installing them on your mobile device.

In addition to the ads, the app contains in-app purchases, so you’ll have to pay to unlock the full set of camera tools. A mobile app, like any other, may require certain permissions from your system.

These permissions are necessary to ensure that B612 Apk works correctly. When you enter the app for the first time, make sure you accept the permissions, especially those related to the camera and the microphone. Users will also need to update their devices to the latest firmware versions to improve the app’s compatibility and user experience.

The best Features

The app offers the following exciting features:

Check out thousands of stickers

The mobile app can be used to create many interesting stickers for Android users in B612 right away. Choose from 1500 stickers with fantastic effects that will certainly leave you impressed.

Take advantage of these amazing facial recognition stickers that transform you into cute figures and animals or completely alter your face with amazing effects. While you’re at it, you’ll also love working with B612’s stylish analogue filters and the brilliant shiny effects. In B612, you can also add various drawings to your videos in real-time.

A wide range of beauty effects

Those of you interested in beauty effects can also find many options in B612, which are easy to use. The real-time effects can be applied to your live camera at any time. Choosing the perfect effects for any particular shot should be a lot easier now.

Let the app automatically adjust your face shape and apply beautiful skins to your characters. The Beauty Plus app now includes many unique effects that are not currently available on the website. Take photos with the perfect settings at any time.

Experiment with many filters

In addition, the included filters in B612 will do their job in terms of enabling unique visual effects on your photos. The app allows you to apply many high-quality filters to different types of photos, such as selfies, landscapes, food, and more. Access your favourite filters with a few clicks, and also experiment with many other options to find the ones that work best for you.

Put music and sounds in your videos

Also, users can now add many different music files to their selected videos to make your captured footage more exciting. Hundreds of music and sound effects are available in B612 including many types of free music and copyright-free sound effects.

You can further enhance the visual experience by pairing your exciting tracks with appropriate videos. A number of advanced sound settings can now be tweaked as well as the playback experience is now more dynamic.

Get excited about augmented reality

Here in B612, Android users now have the ability to work with the available AR technology, which allows them to create breath-taking footage for their creative works. Using your computer to turn your face into a cute animal, anime character, or a cute figure will make your photos and videos much more exciting. Enjoy the enhanced visuals within the app and the wide range of options available.

Videos of boomerangs to play with

As a bonus, those of you who are interested can work with boomerang videos in B612, which allows you to experience unique visual effects with your captured footage. Make your mobile camera app more interesting by working with these awesome loop videos and hilarious footage.

Tools for editing photos and videos

At the same time, B612 also provides many basic tools for editing your photos and videos. Explore many options in the classic photo editing interface. You can also use intuitive keyframe editing tools to make the video editing process a lot easier. You can easily apply any changes to your videos by selecting any frame, selecting an effect, or choosing a filter.

Collages of awesome photos and videos

With B612 you can also make interesting video and photo collages out of your photos and videos, which feature multiple combinations for you to choose from. Using the mobile app, you can choose a template and customize it to your liking. Make your own collage by combining multiple photos and videos. Then share your memories online.

Play unlimited on your mobile device

We now offer the free and unlocked application of B612 for those of you who are interested in it. The application can be customized with many available in-app features and which will enhance its functionality.

The B612 APK can be downloaded by downloading it, following the instructions, and then you’re ready to use it. Using the app will make your videos and photos more exciting because you have the option to work with many in-app features.


It is true that you are always able to capture pictures and videos with your built-in camera apps; however, the B612 is undoubtedly an important upgrade that you cannot ignore. Due to this, you can now enjoy many interesting in-app features and work with your beautiful footage like never before. Create stunning photos and videos with lots of beautiful effects. You and others will be impressed.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How does the B612 app work?

With B612, you can apply dozens of filters to your selfie pictures before sharing them on your favorite social networks. Overall, B612 has over 50 filters available. You can also apply random filters by simply swiping your finger over the image.

Does B612 have a free version?

With B612, you can take great photos or videos and edit them with ease. We offer numerous free tools and features to make every moment more memorable. Discover new effects, stickers, and filters every day.

What do you think of B612?

There are many great selfie camera apps on the App Store, but B612 is one of the best. With the help of this app, you can create the perfect selfie with a variety of filters and vignettes. If you’re looking for an app that has the simplicity of a selfie camera and the functionality of an editor, then this is the perfect app.