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Would you like to relax, if you are tired & stressed? You should try gaming’s most popular game. Well, the Angry birds  Apk 2022 is one of the famous games that will make your time more enjoyable. There’s no doubt that it’s an addictive game, and when someone plays it, he can’t stop playing it.

Also, if you like angry bird games, then you should download that game app. There are both online and offline games played around the world. The gameplay is dominated by green pigs and red angry birds at different levels in the angry bird’s game. In addition, there is an attractive background with pigs hanging around various things.

In addition, there is an attractive background with pigs hanging around various things. As such, you must destroy the green pigs in order to advance to the next level. The angry game consists of 24 tournaments and you can play each level one after another and be done with it. Each level has seven life chances, and you will be able to upgrade your gaming scale and profile position very well.

It’s easy to begin, but the last level is quite hard and thought-provoking. The most common question that most people have when playing angry birds’ friends is how to play individually as well as with friends. With the help of stretching and moving the birds, it’s as simple as touching and dragging the screen for a slingshot.

About Playing the game

From what I can tell, Angry Birds Friends still retains the classic gameplay that players have been enjoying for years. The background of the game and most of its content are centred on the goal of saving bird eggs. Using the brave and skilful birds as allies, you will defeat the devious and crafty green Pigs who stole the eggs, or in other words, kidnapped the future of the birds.

 This game’s challenge is, of course, fighting against the Pig, who will not leave you alone while you try to get the eggs back. As a result, they build rudimentary but difficult towers to demolish you in order to block your progress.

In order to complete the challenge of the game, you must help the birds climb huge giant slings and send them flying towards Pigs to disrupt enemy buildings. The best part of this game is the campaign system, which is full of challenging tasks.

To complete this game, you will face many challenges, and each challenge will become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. You will earn points for your achievements in this game, which will increase stimulation. Your achievement is higher if no pigs are left alive.

The levels in this game will really challenge you in many ways. Furthermore, this game has been significantly improved over the original version thanks to the new challenges. Thus, I am sure Angry Birds Friends will give you new inspiration.

 The Best Features

There are various types of Angry birds APK in this game, as we have already mentioned. With the help of different free or paid features, you can remove the pets to get maximum points. Furthermore, you can find out more about the features in that article.

Smash & Sling

Due to the increased points, you can get unlimited money & life power once they are destroyed. With smashing pegs, you can sling the angry bird. Playing this game provides you with the opportunity to find out your target’s power in an accurate way.

Weapons are equipped

New weapons and tools have been added to angry bird friends, but there are not too many. You also have an extensive understanding of the game after practising it three times.

Coins and Pets were involved

Having destroyed the green pets, you have gotten and earned a lot of coins and money. Maybe you had no idea how to go about killing all the random pets.

Challenges & Competition

Using that feature, you can compete in an online game with your family and friends in a group setting. In every mission, you will find different challenges. Upon completing one level, you can progress to the next.

Music & Graphics

Throughout the gaming industry, we discuss that feature in every game and app. If a game does not have full HD graphics & high-quality background music and has all the other features, then most users skip that game.


So, guys, I hope you are going to find this trending gaming post about angry birdS apk both interesting and informative. All series and versions consist of content-rich and feature-rich games, but the recent version allows you to unlock the shopping menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Android version of this game world?

Isn’t this a game developed specifically for mobile devices? The game of angry birds has how many levels? The version has 30 new challenges, but the modified version has 100+ levels.

Is the game playable offline?

It’s possible, but you will not have access to the proper features. We mean you can play with your Facebook friends in a group setting, in which case you need internet access or a Wi-Fi connection, or upgrade your bird, in which case you need a data package.

Are angry birdS APK games safe to use?

Definitely! It’s virus-free and completely safe. Then we uploaded it here because it was checked with premium tools and antivirus software.