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Introduction to Among Us

The game Among Us APK from the publisher Inner Sloth combines action and role-playing in a very unique way. The game is based on the popular board game Werewolf and centres on a team of astronauts in space who must work together, believe in something, and doubt their abilities. As the astronauts are in space, they must find a way to exit the atmosphere.

The crew was infiltrated by a few murderers who wanted to destroy everything. Will the astronauts suffer the same fate? There is a lot of fun to be had in this game because you will not be alone. You will have to complete different tasks with your crew members in order to find the imposter. Playing the mind game with the player will take place on the spaceship.

We play games with our fingers by swiping just right and left on the screen. Action strategy games run very well on smart devices because of the awesome optimization. Additionally, it is a very small game, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your computer. Because you have complete control over your decisions, you can take different steps and make different decisions. Here is a look at a few features that make it one of the most popular games on the internet.

How does Among Us APK work?

The basic version is what we’re talking about here. Do you have to earn things by completing missions and participating in rounds? In order to play this game, you need to follow the terms and conditions. It takes hard work to unlock new levels and items in this basic version. Upgrades are purchased separately. Furthermore, free premium features are not available in among our games, so you will have to pay first.

How does Among Us APK work?

A new version of this game offers some unique features not available in the original version. This version allows you to accomplish new things with your player without requiring much effort. This version is giving you the awesome feature of unlocking everything for your player. Without completing missions and levels, you can use them all. In addition, you will receive all premium features for free. We encourage you to get this version from our website if you are impressed by it.


Good graphics for the basics

Provide very clear results in games Among Us APK. It looks good while playing because of the nice colours and details. Nevertheless, the most exciting aspect of the game is its visual effects, which look fantastic and create much more entertainment for players. There are also high-resolution graphics for those who want to see every inch of the game. In general, players enjoy playing this game because of the very realistic graphics.

Connect with others to play online

The game among us requires players to complete multiple tasks in every round. Therefore, you are not going to need to play offline games anymore since this game gives you the option of playing with your friends and family. Make sure you have a good internet connection on your mobile device or else you might lose the game. Make sure to invite friends and complete small tasks together. You never know who your friend could be when playing because the imposter could be anybody.

Imposter finder

We play games mostly to complete tasks and identify imposters. To fully enjoy the game, you will need to cooperate with the many members of your crew. Discuss the situation with them and work together. Vote to find the imposter among your crewmates once you have completed your task. Have fun by monitoring everyone’s activities and managing everything. You never know who the imposter among us might be, so you better be wise and play wisely.

Easily controlled

They are offering easy controls to play the game which is probably the best feature Among Us APK. Swiping your finger on the screen is all that’s needed to play this charming game. In this game, you are given simple controls, which means there are no difficulties playing it? In order to complete your tasks, tap on the things you want to use. Use the chatbox to communicate with your crewmates whenever you need to

Crewmates chatting

You can talk to players from around the world while playing the game, which is the most exciting aspect of it. It is possible to chat with another member at any time as there are no limitations. You must also discuss with others to vote against impostors, so this feature is also very important.

Items offered for free

In our group, we have a version of this game that offers some features that are unavailable in the normal version. You’ll have access to all paid items in the version. The fun items your player can get don’t cost you anything. Therefore, every item in the paid version of the game is included. By tapping on the paid items; you can instantly get them without paying a cent.

Now you can use free pets

Now that’s a lot of work since there is no standard version where you are able to purchase pets. One of the useful features of versions involves the ability to obtain pets for your player without spending money. These items can be unlocked instantly without completing a mission since everything is already unlocked when you open it.


  • Includes high-resolution graphics
  • graphics; easy to play
  • Online multiplayer
  • with good optimization
  • and chat with other members


  • Playing matches takes time
  • without an internet connection


The game among us is certainly a good one, since you aren’t alone in it, as you are joined by many other players. The game is also very simple. Choose a partner and have fun! Multiplayer are with other players. You can become a star in your crew by finding Imposter and saving other players. Every round comes with a variety of tasks that you must complete in order to be the top player. Make sure you vote wisely and find the one who is killing your crew members.

Surely, none of these features will cause boredom since they are capable of putting an end to your boredom. Click on the download button on our website to get this game if you are really excited about it. Enjoy the game and get endless pleasure out of it. Let us know what you thought of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have access to the internet? Can I play with you offline?

I don’t agree! There is no way to play this game without an internet connection among our games.

When playing among us games, how do I get all items that cost money for free?

The version of among us games, which is available on our website, allows you to get all the paid items for free. Once you have installed it, you can get everything for free.