Adobe Lightroom APK 7.3.1 for android

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It’s always helpful to have your own photo editor app if you’re interested in taking photos with your Android device. The fact remains that Adobe Lightroom APK introduces Android users to the most satisfactory experiences with their captured videos by combining both a powerful camera and incredible photo editing options in one application.

This amazing app from Adobe can help you capture and edit amazing photos with ease. Change everything from the colouring to the value, to the composition, to the visual effects, to the resolution, and many other aspects of the images. Alternately, select a simple but extremely approachable option that will produce stunning photos in a matter of seconds. Explore our reviews of Adobe Lightroom APK to learn more about this awesome app.

Do you know what it does?

It should come as no surprise that Adobe Lightroom is one of the most powerful editing apps available for Android devices. A number of amazing options and features are available here so that you can capture amazing photos and videos. After taking a photograph, you can use Adobe Lightroom’s built-in design tools to edit and customize your images as you wish.

Despite being regarded as one of the most famous photo editing apps in the world, the mobile version will offer simple and accessible features so that all users can use it effectively. Become proficient with this app if you’re not a pro. Additionally, you can also take advantage of Adobe’s advanced features only available in its PC version thanks to the mobile app of Adobe Lightroom. So, it will be the best photo editor available to you with unparalleled features.


This app can be used only with an Android phone equipped with a camera. Utilize the built-in camera or the camera app on your device to take multiple photos in different conditions. Due to the simple and well-optimized editing options offered by Adobe Lightroom, most of your Android devices will have an enjoyable and accessible experience. In order to get the most out of your footage, you might consider a device with a decent camera. As a result, the app’s final retouching becomes much less stressful.

Features that are awesome

Among its amazing features are the following:

Professional-quality cameras for taking amazing photos

Adobe Lightroom for Android offers many professional features, including an amazing built-in camera. Many interesting control options allow you to enhance the visual experience of your photos here. This app offers a number of advanced photo features such as focus, brightness, exposure, and timer, all with intuitive interfaces and gesture commands. You can also export HDR and RAW images from the app, which makes it easier to edit them later.

 Retouch your photos wherever you are with the portable editor

Furthermore, for those interested in mobile editing, you’ll find that there is a handy app that lets you update and customize your photos wherever you are. This allows you to edit images wherever you are. Prepare your raw photo and start experimenting with Adobe Lightroom’s simple yet powerful editing features.

The sliders can be tapped and dragged to customize the lighting, and colour, and add all sorts of different effects to pictures within seconds. Furthermore, Adobe Lightroom’s powerful retouch options will make your photos stand out from other normal photographs. With an intuitive slider interface, you can adjust and customize the properties of your photos to easily adapt to various themes.

Additionally, you will have access to all the tools you need to create real-looking and super clean shots. Give your images a new feel by adjusting the focus, changing the image size, and even bending the perspective.

With the editor, you’ll have access to awesome features

Apart from the convenient and common editing features offered by Android, users can also enjoy the advanced and in-depth editing options of professional photographers. Thus, the exclusive features of the Adobe line-up give you the ability to edit your photos to the very last detail. Various enhancements or customizations can be made to any part of your images.

To change your images or parts of an image effectively, you need to use the Healing Brush. Furthermore, for those of you unfamiliar with the industry, we provide intuitive tutorials so you can learn how to utilize the advanced features of the app. With the step-by-step guides, you’ll discover exactly how to improve your photos. These guides will inspire you and allow you to have fun.

Play with many useful priests and filters

Furthermore, you can now use Adobe Lightroom’s priests and filters to get quick and effective photo editing results. Any image can easily be captured here with a professional camera and you can choose whatever visual effects you wish to apply to the images.

You will be able to customize your images easily and effectively. In addition, those of you interested can also create their own priests and save them in the app, using various combinations of visual effects. Whenever you want to edit a new image, all you need to do is choose one of your saved priests. The image that you just captured can be transformed into a brilliant image with just a few clicks.

Adobe Sensei helps you run smarter organizations

You will soon find that your library is filled with images of all types if you’re someone who enjoys taking photos. You will soon run out of storage space if you don’t reorganize them, and it would take a while to sort them all out. In contrast, Adobe Lightroom APK also comes with Adobe Sensei, which is award-winning software that assists you in organizing your photographs cleverly and effectively.

Because of the app’s intelligent algorithms, the taken images will automatically be categorised into any tags you choose. You can find those photos by searching for certain keywords, and then editing and sharing them. As an additional feature, the app allows you to create stunning photo albums. Mark and group images that you prefer and would like to make sure you see them more often during searches if you mark and group them.

Many people can view and share your photos

In addition, Android users now have the opportunity to share photos with others through the Group Album, which provides advanced photo-sharing experiences. Share your albums with others or invite them to contribute to your album through online cloud storage.

Furthermore, Adobe Creative Cloud Storage on your PC will also be able to be synchronized with the app across devices. Before you put them into your accessible online storage, you can take and edit brilliant images.

Accessible for free

Due to this, Android users will not have to pay for downloading or installing the app on their mobile devices.

Our unlocked app is fun to use

Since the app is a premium item, you will need to pay an extra fee to unlock all its features. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to afford this. We recommend that you instead download the modified version of Adobe Lightroom on our website. Enjoy free, unlocked, and ad-free apps with it.

A hardware-intensive app for professionals

Using the quick edit feature, you won’t have any problems as long as you’re only planning on making a few simple changes to your images. The more you use Adobe Lightroom, however, the better your mobile hardware will have to be. Therefore, you’ll see the app lagging and freezing on older phones, and that’s definitely a big drawback.


  • You can download this application from the Google Play store, but there are alternative methods if Google Play is not working. Click here to download it:
  • In the beginning, using Google Play is the easiest and quickest method. Simply type in the name of the application on the search bar and use it.
  • If you don’t wish to do that, you can click on the download link found on google search.
  • Activate the unknown source option within your phone’s security settings by clicking on the security option.
  • Please wait a few minutes while the download completes.

Don’t hold back on editing!


The Adobe Lightroom mobile app is undoubtedly another great photo editing app that rivals Pixel Lab and VSCO photo editor in terms of features and functionality. Take advantage of our website to enjoy the unlocked version of the app to complete your ultimate trio of photo editing apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions of this application?

Definitely not! Subscribing to a monthly subscription will give you access to additional features and filters.

What is the best way to learn it?

Several tutorials are available to assist you with using Lightroom.

Can only professionals use it?

Definitely not! No matter what your level of experience is with social media. we recommend you download and use Lightroom to edit your Instagram photos.

Is it possible to edit videos through it?

That’s not right! Lightroom can only edit photos, not videos.