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GenresVideo Players & Editors
DeveloperCyberlink Corp
Size96 MB
FeaturesPro Unlocked


It is relatively easy to capture quick footage with the built-in camera on your Android devices but isn’t necessarily ideal for producing professional content. Therefore, if you would like to capture and edit professional videos on your smartphone or tablet, you will definitely find the app ActionDirector APK to be indispensable. With the app, you will be able to easily create professional videos by using many available features.

Enjoy the many editing options that make it easy to perfect your work. Make your videos much more enjoyable by using a variety of special video effects. In the mobile app, you can use both standard and advanced editing features. Get to know this awesome app from Cyber Link Corp by reading our comprehensive reviews.

Do you know what it does?

ActionDirector is an app that Android users can use to direct and capture videos like a pro. Make certain your captured footage is of high quality and enjoy working with numerous useful camera options. Find out about the integrated video editor, which allows you to edit your videos in a variety of ways quickly and effectively.

Take advantage of the fully-featured app as you work with the numerous features and functions. Immediately edit your videos once you have finished recording with ActionDirector APK. With the latest video editing software, you can apply a variety of interesting effects to your videos to make them more interesting. The video transitions, text options, and graphics are numerous and interesting. The results will be amazing.

What is required?

For those of you interested in ActionDirector, it is available on Google Play for free download. You can work with many of the included features for free. There will, however, be beads and in-app purchases, since this still is a premium app.

Additionally, you should grant the entire app’s access permissions so that it can fully utilize the mobile app’s features. When you open the app for the first time, you must accept all of its requests. Lastly, for the best experience, you must be running the latest firmware version on your devices to use the fully-compatible app.

Video Editor that is the fastest ever

Bored of the same old boring video editing process? Are you looking for an efficient way to create professional videos conveniently? Would you like to know more about a new performative video editor protocol? Action Director could be of assistance to you.

There is an app called Video Editor that allows you to intelligently edit videos with action effects just like those you’ve seen in thriller movies. Action Director from Shutter stock contains all the latest features of video editing apps, including incredible filters, video effects, Ad Director, Stock Music library, Video Stabilizer, etc. There are only four simple steps to apply in order to use this technological video editing tool.

  • Video Recording
  • Editing
  • Using Exciting Effects
  • Publish on social media

You can export your videos in Ultra-HD 4K resolution without any problem by following these simple steps. Yet there is a problem – To access all the effects, crazy tools, and UltraHD exporter, you just need to subscribe to its premium service, which costs 330.00 INR per month or 1250.00 INR per year. Nonetheless, it isn’t worth your money. We have also given you a surprise in the following section, so enjoy it.

Features that are awesome

All of the features this app has to offer are listed below:

Professional camera, you can capture your videos with ease

A professional camera app in ActionDirector APK allows you to capture high-quality video. With many in-app features, you can quickly manage your video quality. Change videos are real-time by utilizing the real-time effects. You can begin improving the captured footage immediately after capturing it using ActionDirector’s editing options.

Many standard features are available for editing captured footage

If you wish, you can modify the videos easily; the app provides many options for this purpose. Edit basic video elements like brightness, contrast, saturation, and many others with the built-in video editor. Edit any certain parts of the videos you want by trimming, cutting, or refining them as you wish. You can add awesome video filters to your shots to make them pop off in a number of different ways.

Make use of the audio files on your device to add sound effects to your videos. With the app, you can easily add dozens of different transitions to your video. With the available text settings in ActionDirector, you can play around with texts and titles. Create more dynamic videos by using animated stickers. Get creative and come up with unique and interesting visual impressions.

A great way to work with video effects

ActionDirector also enables you to work with a variety of special effects, so that your videos will come to life. If you want to empathize with specific parts of the videos, you can enable the slow-motion or fast-forward option. Choose which clips you want to focus on. Combine multiple audio tracks with background music. In addition, ActionDirector can also be used with a variety of other video effects.

Video export and sharing made easy

You can also freely export your edited videos with a variety of settings after they have been edited. It is possible to adjust the image ratio, video resolution, and any other useful settings. Moreover, ActionDirector will provide you with a number of useful priests to help you share your videos on any social network or messaging platform.

Multi-format support for audio and video

ActionDirector provides support for all video formats on your system so that you can edit your videos, not only the captured videos but also the ones you download. With this technology, you can work effectively with H.263 (.3GP, .MP4), H.264 AVC (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), MPEG-4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV), H.265 (.MP4, . Using these formats, you can edit and export videos. The app is also compatible with various audio formats, including WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, and AAC files.

Work with a variety of languages

As a result, all of the cameras and video editors in ActionDirector will be available in any language that you choose. To take full advantage of the app’s features, enjoy it in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

Enjoy the fully-functional app

The free version of ActionDirector is always available on our website, so you can enjoy the full features of the application without having to pay anything. The ActionDirector APK can be downloaded and installed with no issue. Then, follow the instructions to make awesome videos. Get full access to all in-app features without interruptions when you are ready.


With the latest versions of Power Director and Action Director, you’ll complete your editing trio. You’ll enjoy editing your videos to the fullest with power director and Action Director.

Frequently Asked Questions

What functions does ActionDirector Video Editor offer for fast motion and slow-motion videos?

Definitely! The application includes several features including slow motion and fast forward videos with high precision as well as highlights of the actions.

The ActionDirector Video Editor allows you to upload and share videos of what quality?

Multiple social and messaging applications can be used to create and share Ultra 4K High Definition videos through this application.

Is ActionDirector Video Editor compatible with all types of devices?

Devices that are compatible with this app include devices with Android 4.3 and above, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Samsung Exynos 7420, NVidia Tegra K1, MediaTek P10, or devices with higher versions of Android.

ActionDirector Video Editor supports what formats?

With multiple languages supported along with many different video and audio formats, this application supports MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, MKV, MPEG, VP9, H.265, and many others.